These depictions of girls with large, out-sized faces and knowing expressions, force the viewer to engage. The works investigate concepts of isolation, identity, and individuality.

The girls inhabit a world where all is dissociated; no matter how close they are physically to each other, there is never any emotional connection. Their gaze asks for attention while avoiding interaction. The composite, larger images intentionally shift perspectives and postures to reinforce this sense of total dislocation. The expansive paintings draw the onlooker into the picture, and although the figures are over-scaled, there is an intimacy to their presence.

Free-floating prepubescent girls knowingly look at the viewer, and one cannot avoid their stare. At the same time, they show a stronger inward than outward gaze. The sitters seem to be asking for attention, but wanting to avoid interaction. They exhibit a range of attitudes from playful to serious, ordinary to mysterious, and engaged to disinterested. Smooth, self-disguising blurred brush marks or pastel on tracing paper mimic snap-shots and create a coolness to belie the emotional intensity of the work.

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After spending years depicting little girls, dealing with emotional dislocation and 'girl power', I'm now portraying men.

I'm exploring contemporary masculinity. By using the images and words men choose to portray themselves on mainstream internet dating sites, I am examining how masculinity has evolved; plastic toys in the 50s were regular looking guys and today they have become muscled, testosterone pumped up toy figures. Two psychiatric personality disorders emerge (as classified by the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders).

Yes I do love myself looks at narcissists (the disorder apparently occurs 50-75% more often in men than in women). Getaway guys depicts avoidants (a personality disorder where subjects avoid real involvement with others, crippled by feelings of inadequacy). My 3rd investigation is called 10 parts man. It's comprised of overlapping images of 10 recurrent themes (ranging from disguises/fancy dress; grimaces; stress on bodies with bicep flexing; motorcycles and cars; sports and jumping; animals (curiously mostly at the same eye level); mirrors; too sexy for my shirt; hiding in clothes; reclining/sleeping). Strangely, many of these men seem to be advertising their bodies, almost as if they're ashamed of their inner selves.

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Nicky Hoberman was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1967.

She has an MA in Modern History from Oxford University, a BFA from Parsons and an MA from Chelsea School of Art. She lives and works in London. She was selected for the 1996 New Contemporaries at Tate Liverpool and included in Saatchi's New Neurotic Realists. She has been in group shows at the Chicago MoCA, Sydney MoCA, Melbourne National Gallery of Victoria and Magasin 3, Stockholm. She has had 3 solo shows at Feigen Contemporary, New York.

1994-95 MA, Painting, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London
1992 Yale Summer School of Art, USA, Battell Stoeckel Fellowship
1989-93 BA Fine Art, Parsons School of Design, Paris
1986-89 MA, Modern History, Worcester College, Oxford University

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Below is a brief list of past exhibitions featuring Nicky Hoberman, for a comprehensive list please visit the main site.

Solo Exhibitions
2007 Far Side of the Moon, Mudimadrie Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
2004 Feigen Contemporary, New York, USA
2004 Playtime, Galerie 2021, Essen, Germany
2003 Mario Diacono at Ars Libri, Boston, USA
2003 Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, USA

Group Exhibitions
2007 Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia, Italy
2006 Offspring: representations of children in contemporary visual culture, Boston University Art Gallery, Boston, USA

Berado Collection, Museum of Modern Art, Sintra, Portugal
Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Magasin 3, Stockholm, Sweden

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Below is a brief list of publications featuring Nicky Hoberman, for a comprehensive bibliography please visit the main site.

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Studio: Cubitt Artists Ltd

"Nicky Hoberman, Contemporary Magazine, Ana Finel Honigman, 2006

'Offspring: representations of children in contemporary visual culture', Boston University Gallery, 2006

Magasin 3 Kunsthalle Stockholm, Sweden

National Gallery of Victoria, Australia

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